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Andrew Piispanen

  1. Horizontal vs. Vertical Bandsaws

    Bandsaws come in many shapes and sizes - but most sizes aren't made equal. A lot of companies that we work with often don't know exactly what they're looking for, and overlook some of the important differentiators between sawing types. Here we'll give a brief overview of those 2 sawing types:

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  2. Why Purchase New – The Hidden Costs in Used Machinery

    There are obvious costs in used equipment that many businesses forget to realize when they purchase them. We'll explain a few hidden costs that make a compelling case for buying new machinery as opposed to used - and yes, we are biased. 

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  3. Different Types of Hydraulic Presses

    We've all seen them crush things on Youtube. However, in most of metal manufacturing, not all presses are made equal. Taking on Dake's hydraulic presses, we'll see the different types of hydraulic presses.

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  4. Factors to Consider When Choosing Bandsaws

    There are many different types of bandsaws on the market. Some cut metal, others saw wood and depending on the use - some are even designed to saw through meat! When you're buying a bandsaw and trying to decide which one is right for you, here are some important things to consider:

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  5. What are the different types of welders?

    Each of the four welders above has its pros and cons and are uniquely suited for particular welding jobs. Here is a comparison of the four welding types and the metals they are suited for working on.

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  6. Manufacturing the COVID-19 economy

    With much uncertainty and even bits of chaos in the manufacturing industry, there are many doubts about the future of manufacturing in America. The potential of digital advertising and online business has skyrocketed globally, as new strategies for companies to reach their customers have made a tremendous opportunity in industry. On top of this, new supply chain disruptions have made operations managers rethink what the word “international” truly means. In the machinery market, there have been many setbacks and delays due to both regulations and to slower productivity.

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  7. MIG vs. TIG Welding

    MIG welding involves continuous use of a consumable electrode which produces a spark in the gun. This spark melts the surface and allows the surfaces to be joined, creating the weld. 

    TIG, on the other hand, involves passing a current through a non-consumable electrode to join the metal surfaces.

    However, when choosing between the two there are several factors to consider.

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  8. Direct Machines - Adding new products every month!

    We sell machinery that works!

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