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Piranha Ironworking Machinery LogoPiranha Ironworkers

Since 1974, the Piranha Ironworker has been a stand-alone product of the metal fabrication industry. With models ranging from 50 to 140 tons, these durable machines provide some of the best functionality for any business manufacturing operation. Whether it is single or double ironworkers, Piranha is a name that every metal manufacturer needs on their floor.

Piranha manufactures top quality ironworking machinery. Their single and dual operator ironworkers save customers in versatility and set up time. Each ironworker is equipped with many functions - cutting/shearing, bending and punching. With some of the best ironworkers on the market, Piranha's heavy machines can be used in all job shops and industries, from aerospace to education. They are unmatched quality and require little service after purchase, so check out our new ironworkers for sale at Direct Machines!