Ironworkers are widely considered one of the most useful machines in metal fabrication. It has become standard practice to have one in your shop - but why?

How does an ironworker work?

An ironworker is a useful tool in the metal fabrication industry. Whether the operation is big orr small, metal processing plants require ironworkers to do a variety of tasks, including bending, shearing, notching and punching. The workstation of an ironworker is typically optimized to allow operations to flow smoothly throughout.

Edwards Ironworker Diagram

Ironworkers are complicated machines

Simplicity is key when it comes to metal fabrication. As a result, these machines are very intricate—with many parts that all come together to form a single unit that bends, shears, notches and punches.



In some cases, ironworkers are “dual-operator”, meaning that there is enough strength and power in the unit to have simultaneous operations. With dual-operators, two of the ironworker’s primary functions (e.g. punching and bending) can be performed at the same time.



How do Ironworkers help businesses grow?

Ironworkers can save a lot of money for a business. Here are 5 ways that ironworkers cut costs in a manufacturing business:

Piranha 90 Ton Ironworker

Reduced set up time

Ironworkers can make it easier to go from one place to the next. By optimizing both set up time and manufacturing times, an operator’s salary becomes more efficient and the business can do some much-needed cost cutting.

Space savings

With the need for many separate machines reduced, ironworkers can save operation floors a lot of space. In tighter regions of the country this can be a huge cost determinant.

Waste Reducing and Quality Enhancing

Ironworkers allow for operators to get closer to the material that they are working with. As a result, less mistakes are made and the quality and precision of the work they are doing increases greatly.

Maximized Safety:

Similar to this, they prevent accidents from occurring as well. Not only does it then become an easier workplace for the operators, but it becomes a safer one too.

Faster Operations

The best part of the ironworker is the effort it takes to perform multiple functions on an ironworker. With its seamless design, metal processing becomes quicker and more efficient, which saves businesses some real money as a result.


Many brands make ironworkers, but few brands truly stick out –including Piranha and Edwards.



Piranha has specialized in machinery since 1879. Their ironworkers flaunt 3 core characteristics—repeatability, durability, and reliability. Starting at $11,990, these machines save businesses countless hours in metal processing and become the all-in-one machine for many to use. Their machines come in a wide variety of tonnages (90 ton, 110 ton, 140 ton) with both dual and single-operator working options. 

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Edwards has been around since 1875 as a premier machinery manufacturer. Their ironworkers are versatile and made to save businesses a lot of money. Their “claim to fame” is their angular notching abilities and their copper notching capabilities, which can be extremely useful given the scope of the manufacturing process the business requires.

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