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Fabrication Blog

  1. Plasma Cutting vs. Oxy-Acetylene: Everything You Should Know!


    Are there any major differences between plasma cutting and oxy-acetylene?

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  2. Plasma Cutting vs. Their Alternatives

    Plasma cutting is a concept many of us know to be fast, easy to work with and efficient, but what really goes into plasma cutting - and why are they so popular?

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  3. The Different Saws for Cutting Metal

    There are various options available when selecting a metal cutting saw for your project. Not only will the right saw make you more efficient and productive, but will also save you a great deal of money that would otherwise be spent on repairs.

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  4. How do Ironworkers Work?

    Ironworkers are widely considered one of the most useful machines in metal fabrication. It has become standard practice to have one in your shop - but why?

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  5. How do milling machines work

    Milling can best be understood as drilling, but the “drill” moves sideways instead of straight up and down.

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  6. Plasma Cutting Machines

    Multiprocess welders combine both plasma TIG and Stick welding - but how does plasma get so hot, and how does it really melt metal?

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  7. Basic Grinding, Beveling, & Deburring

    Grinders are useful tools for many different types of edging. For metal, edging is extra important, as it is a huge determinant of quality.

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  8. Horizontal vs. Vertical Bandsaws

    Bandsaws come in many shapes and sizes - but most sizes aren't made equal. A lot of companies that we work with often don't know exactly what they're looking for, and overlook some of the important differentiators between sawing types. Here we'll give a brief overview of those 2 sawing types:

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  9. Why Purchase New – The Hidden Costs in Used Machinery

    There are obvious costs in used equipment that many businesses forget to realize when they purchase them. We'll explain a few hidden costs that make a compelling case for buying new machinery as opposed to used - and yes, we are biased. 

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  10. Different Types of Hydraulic Presses

    We've all seen them crush things on Youtube. However, in most of metal manufacturing, not all presses are made equal. Taking on Dake's hydraulic presses, we'll see the different types of hydraulic presses.

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