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Quantum Machinery Mandrel Rotary Bender with Carriage on Wheels2

Quantum Machinery Mandrel Rotary Bender with Carriage on Wheels2

Quantum Machinery Mandrel Rotary Bender with Carriage on Wheels3

The clockwise QMS90 Rotary Bender series is an accurate and powerful Rotary Mandrel Bending Machine capable of bending tubes with a maximum diameter of 3.5¢â‚¬Â O.D. (88.9 mm) and a pipe thickness of 0.19¢â‚¬Â (5 mm). The maximum bending radius is 9.8¢â‚¬Â (250 mm). The optimal and constant bending radii does not deform bent pipes: it is the ideal machine to satisfy most user requirements in the plumbing, nautical, hydraulic, and ornamental facilities.



  • Max. Capacity, Mild Steel Round Tube: 3.5¢â‚¬Â x 0.19¢â‚¬Â (88.9 x 5 mm)

  • Max. Capacity, Stainless Steel Round Tube: 3.4¢â‚¬Â x 0.110¢â‚¬Â (88.3 x 3 mm)

  • Max. Capacity Mild Steel Round Tube: 3'' SCH. 40 (0.216¢â‚¬Â Thick Wall)

  • Max. Capacity Mild Steel Square Tube: 2.95¢â‚¬Â x 2.95¢â‚¬Â x 0.110¢â‚¬Â (75x75x3 mm)

  • Max. Radius: 9.8¢â‚¬Â (250 mm)

  • Modulus of Resistance: 1.96¢â‚¬Â (5 cm3)

  • Bending Speed (ƒÂ¸/Sek.): 15

  • Repeat Accuracy Bending Axis (ƒÂ¸): +/- 0.003¢â‚¬Â (0.1 mm)

  • Power Output: 9 kW

  • Switch Panel Low Tension: 24V

  • Weight: 4,900 - 5,800 lbs. (2200 - 2600 kg)

  • Bending Direction: Left + Right

  • Bending Speed: 15 Degrees Per Second

  • Bending Accuracy: +/- 0.1 Degree

  • Cast iron body on metal steel-work base.

  • Digital electronic control board with microprocessor and display to set and control the required bend and recovery angle.

  • 180° Maximum allowed bending angle.

  • Computerized hydraulic system per the closing and opening of locking and bending tools.

  • The mandrel¢â‚¬â„¢s extraction can be set up for a high definition of the bend.

  • Digital Display of the Length/Torsional Twisting: Standard

  • Premature Mandrel Retraction: Standard

  • Mandrel Lubrication: Optional

  • Revolving Counter-Bearing: Optional

  • Radius Enlargement: Optional

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