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Quantum Machinery 6.5 FOOT HYDRAULIC SHEAR

Quantum Machinery 6.5 FOOT HYDRAULIC SHEAR

10 foot press brake for sale

Quantum Machinery 10 Foot x 140 Ton Hydraulic 10 Foot Press Brake

Quantum Machinery 10 FOOT HYDRAULIC SHEAR

The last generation of QUANTUM NARGESA CNC Vertical cut shears are made of stabilized, welded steel that allows to take on big jobs without deformation.

Cutting Length: 119” / 3,030mm.
Max. Thickness in Mild Steel: 0.230” / 6mm. 
Max. Thickness in Stainless Steel: 0.150” / 4mm.

Energetic saving: Resistance of material in vertical cut is much lower, which becomes a considerable energetic saving.
Cutting quality: Clean, perfect and accurate cut.
Life of the blades: The blades wear is almost nule. The life of the blades is 4 times higher than other shearing systems.



  • Cutting length: 3030mm.

  • Cutting capacity: 6mm in steel (450N/mm2)andy 4mm in S.S.(700N/mm2)

  • CNC back gauge.

  • Digital display.   

  • Gauge displacemnt: 700mm.   

  • Accuracy and repeatability of positioning from +/- 0,1mm.   

  • 4-edged lower and upper blades Suitable for stainless steel.   

  • Goose neck for cuts with bigger length: 173mm.   

  • Cutting area lit up by leds.   

  • Thin marking zone for manual cutting. 

  • Strokes per minute: 12 Strokes. (All length)

  • Independent hydraulic rammers: 15 units.   

  • Millimeter squaring arm, 1000mm length.   

  • Two 1000mm-millimetered stand arms.   

  • Fix cut inclination: 1,75º   

  • Driving with safety pedal and emergency stop.   

  • Back overture with safety optoelectronic devices.  

  • Motor power: 9,2 KW/ 12 HP  

  • 3-Phased tension: 400 V.    

  • Hydraulic Pump: 22 liters.   

  • Container capacity: 96 liters.

Precision rear gauge

  • Rear gauge fixed to the structure.

  • Accuracy and repeatability of positioning from +/- 0,1mm. 

  • Low maintenance thanks to the use of low friction elements.

ESA S625 compact CNC

  • The control interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

  • Internal database of materials.

  • Configuration of the piece length by the CNC.

Enhanced hydraulic group

  • Automatic regulation of the cutting pressure depending on the need for cutting power.

  • Automatic regulation of the pressure of the sheet fastenings.


The operator only has to enter the type of material, thickness, distance from the gauge and the CNC will automatically arrange all components to obtain an optimal result.

  • Equipped with a 7 "touch screen which makes all operations on the machine simpler and more intuitive.

  • You can manage up to 3 axes and 16 + 12 I / O with an integrated PLC.

  • Storage of thousands of parts programs.

  • 7 "800x480 color touch screen resolution

  • 128 MB silicon disk.

  • 2 analog inputs, 12-bit resolution.

  • 16 digital inputs (24Vdc).

  • 16 digital outputs (24V DC, 0.7 A max.) Protected against overloads and short circuits.

  • 1 RS232 serial port

  • 1 CAN port with 9 contacts Sub D F connector.

  • 24Vdc power supply.

  • 1 USB input.

  • 1 Ethernet port that allows connection remotely.

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