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DoALL DC-400CNC Hercules High Production, Horizontal Cnc Band Saw


Features and Benefits:

• True dual column design with high rigidity for outstanding cutting performance and life
• Designed for cutting solid bars
• Enclosed design for high levels of operator safety
• Use of planetary design gearbox for better efficiency and more useable torque in a smaller footprint
• 20 degree band wheel “layback” design for more efficient operation
• Small floor space required
• Blade is located between the front and back work holding vises
• Standard chip conveyors
• Easy to use operator interface

was $81,000.00 Special Price $79,995.00

The DC-400CNC Hercules high production, horizontal CNC band saws from DoALL are highly efficient, automatic, hydraulically controlled machines with multiple material feeds. Designed for vertical cuts, the DC-400CNC is ideal for serial production in industrial settings. Thanks to the robust construction of the DC-400CNC, it is possible to cut a wide range of full and profile materials including stainless and tool steel. In addition, the "box" or enclosed design provides very safe operation.



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