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Laguna Tools 37X2 DOUBLE DRUM SANDER with Casters 13


Laguna Tools 19|38 BRUSH|DRUM COMBO SANDER 110v 1.75hp

Feature: Comes with 1 free brush: add brush to the cart The 13" Combination Brush/Drum is the answer to your production bottleneck. Developed with mouldings in mind, this versatile sander can tackle every step in your finishing process, from sanding raw wood to sanding in between coats of stain or primer. Read about other applications below. This model features a 1-3/4 HP motor, and can handle stock up to 4" thick, or as thin as 1/32". It can also be equipped with an optional sanding drum for surface sanding. Raw Wood Sanding | White Wood Sanding Break sharp edges Open grain for even finish absorption Blend out minor defects Sealer Sanding | Primer Sanding | Scuff Sanding Removes raised fibers and grain (denib/defuzz) Degloss previously finished wood Clean reclaimed wood Wire Brushing Distress (weathered/Southwest finish) Pull out soft grain to create textured New model includes: Sanding Head Assembly with Flatter Installed, Conveyor Table Assembly, An Aluminum Drum w/ Two Bearing Sets, A Coupling and one 80 Girt Abrasive Belt, Open Stand Assembly. Drum sanding with Intellisand technology. - Eliminates the guess-work of manually controlling the infinitely-variable feed speed - Simplifies the sanding operation - Provides a consistent finish even with varying grain pattern and density - Greatly increases abrasive planning and dimensioning speed - Maintains highest possible feed rate without overload 19-38” Combo Drum/Brush Sander - True combo machine: Drum and Flat stock. Change sanding heads and sand contoured shapes - Brush Applications include but are not limited to: white wood sanding, de-nibbing, sealer sanding, primer sanding, UV roughing, metal graining/straight lining, metal de-burring, sanding/polishing solid surface material, scuff sanding, shutter sanding, de-glossing and distressing - Bench-top unit, standard with 180 Grit Flatter sanding head - AC Inverter – Variable Head Speed, 200-1800 RPM - Tension rollers are adjustable in height, span, and hold down pressure - Heavy-duty cast iron construction for strength, rigidity, and reduced vibration - Preset “fast” control to adjust for 38” use
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Specifications: Warranty: Two years on parts and labor, limited; Manufacturer’s warranties on conveyor belts, brush heads and abrasives. Sanding Capacity: Maximum Width: 38” (two passes) Minimum Length: 2-1/4” to 3-1/2” (varies with application) Maximum Thickness: 4” typical (varies with brush/drum style & application) Minimum Thickness: 1/32” typical (varies with applications) Dimensions: Length – 36” Width – 42” Height – 24” without stand Brush: 5” diameter typical Typical bristle length: 1-1/2” (varies) Brush Speed: Infinitely variable 200 to 1000 RPM Brush 1750 RPM Drum Dust Hood: Hinged back with 4” vacuum port Height Adjustment: 1/16” per revolution, Depth Gauge included Conveyor Motor: 43”–lb. torque Direct drive D.C. motor Infinitely variable 0–10 feet-per-minute Drive Motor (TEFC): 1-3/4 HP Continuous-duty Power Requirements: 110 Volt, Single Phase 20 amp service Shipping Weight: 242lbs. (weight varies on how equipped) 2 boxes
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