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Maksiwa SLIDING PANEL SAW 126" BMS.3200.IR

The BMS.3200.IR is a sliding panel saw tailor made to provide high quality precise cuts in diverse angles with a max cut depth of 4 inches (100 mm) at 90º. It includes a 5 HP motor, cutting guides, miter guide, blade guard. The noise level of this equipment is 76.5 dB (the machine turned on only) up to 110 dB (with the machine on and the exhaust system on. The noise will vary in accordance with the location the machine is in and the materials used).
2 Year Warranty.

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Weight1,470 Lbs
Machine dimensions (closed)L 133 x W 135" x H 65"
Machine dimensions (max)L 192" x W 280" x H 65"
Sliding table dimension14 3/4" X 132"
Sliding table max travel length280"
Fixed table max width52"
Guide size (closed)71"
Guide size (max)128"
Blade cover1 unit
Lockable main power switch1 unit
Emergency buttons2 units
Max tilt45°
Max depth cut3"
Max cutting length120"


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