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Dake Compound Leverage Arbor Presses

Dake Compound Leverage Arbor Presses

Dake Semi-Automatic Cold Saws

Dake Semi-Automatic Cold Saws

Dake Semi-Automatic Cold Saws


  • Push button or foot-switch activation to avoid operator fatigue.

  • Shroud enclosed head feed cylinder with sliding cams for fast cutting stroke adjustment.

  • Additional ball bearing support of hardened and ground spindle shaft to prevent failure.

  • Adjustable pneumatic vise with sliding gib to true up clamping under blade with 1/4 stroke.

  • Oversized pedestal base to reduce vibration.

  • Head rotates 45º right and 60º left of center for easy miter cutting.

  • Removable hardened, serrated vise jaw faces.

  • Ability to add a programmable feed system to make fully automatic with wide range of capabilities.


  • Blade

  • Coolant

  • Saw blade selector calculator

  • Tools kit for changing blades

  • Instruction and service manual

  • Adjustable positive stop


Semi-automatic cold saw that has a push-button or foot switch activation, an oversized pedestal base, shroud enclosed head feed cylinder, adjustable pneumatic vise. Variable speed controlled by a frequency inverter increases the material cutting range.

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