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Dake Manual Cold Saws-10

Dake Manual Cold Saws-10"

Dake Manual Cold Saws-14

Dake Manual Cold Saws-14"

Dake Manual Cold Saws-12.5"

Manual cold saw that will rotate to 90 right for slot cutting and offers variable speeds. Heavy-duty low production variable speed saw, comes with one standard HSS blade. A mechanical coolant pump with flow control is included. Available in 220V or 440V operation.

*440V model requires step-down transformer for operation (part number: 300674)

Dake Manual Cold Saws-12.5"
Part Number 974029-2 9743151PH-1, 974315-2 974250E-1
Voltage 220V/ 440V with transformer 220V/440V 3 Phase; 120V 1 Phase 110V
Horsepower 3.5 1.6 HP - 2.35 HP 1.2
Cutting Ability Ferrous/non-ferrous/plastics Ferrous/non-ferrous/plastics Ferrous/non-ferrous/plastics
Maximum blade diameter 14in 12-1/2in 10"
Maximum vise opening 6-5/8" 4-5/8" 4"
Maximum feed vise opening n/a n/a n/a
Maximum Angle 45 left/right; 90 right for slot cutting 45 right/left 45 right/left
Slotting yes No No
Phase 3 3 Phase/1 Phase 1
Speeds 22-88 rpm Three Phase: 22/44 rpm Single Phase: 44 rpm 44 rpm
Weight 650 lbs 450 lbs 378 lbs
Solid round 90 capacity 3-3/8in 2-5/8in 1-1/4"
Solid round 45 capacity 3in 2-1/2in 1in
Tube 90 capacity 4-3/4in 3-5/8in 2-3/4"
Tube 45 capacity 4in 3-1/2in 2-3/8'
Square 90 capacity 4-1/8in 3-1/4in 2-1/2in
Square 45 capacity 3-3/8in 3-1/8in 2-1/8in
Rectangle 90 capacity 6-1/4in x 3-1/2in 4-1/4in x 2-3/4in 3-7/8in x 1-3/4in
Rectangle 45 capacity 3-3/8in x 2-3/4in 3-1/4in x 2-3/4in 2-1/2in x 1-7/8in
Work height 40in 38-1/2in 37in
Height 75in 59in 61in
Width 24-3/4" 26" 22in
Depth 23in 36in 36in


  • Head rotates 45 right and left of center for mitering.

  • Dependable oversized spindle and gear assembly with steel spindle and bronze gear.

  • Reliable mechanical coolant pump with flow control adjustment.

  • Vise is gib adjustable, and with cam lever action for quick secure clamping.

  • Additional ball bearing support of hardened and ground spindle shaft to prevent failure.

  • 24V at controls, E-Stop, low voltage protection, and thermal overload protection.

  • 90 rotation for slot cutting operations.


  • Pneumatic Vice- Factory Installed

  • Blade Starter Pack- 3, 14" Blades

  • 78" Loading Table

  • 78" Unloading Table

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Voltage 110
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