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Dake Laboratory Presses 50-ton

Dake Laboratory Presses 50-ton

Dake Laboratory Presses 75-ton

Dake Laboratory Presses 75-ton

Dake Laboratory Presses 50-ton


  • Self-leveling, electrically cooled, precision ground steel platens are pre-wired into the control panel.

  • Heating elements are replaceable.

  • Unique dual acting pump provides a rapid advance of the ram.

  • Conversion of pump to high pressure-low volume output provides accurate control and easy operation.

  • Ability to hold pressure for extra long periods of time.

  • Release valve on side of the press enables operator to adjust the pressure accurately as well as accomplish gradual decompression or fast opening of the press.

  • Side mounted control panel.

  • Precise temperature control. Temperatures are accurately controlled from 100Ëš to 600ËšF.

  • Removable ram adaptor allows for greater daylight working height.




  • Electric Platens

  • Precise Digital Temperature Control

  • Hydraulic System

  • Two Position Ram

Model 44-251

Laboratory press with electric platens, isolated control panel that stays cool to the touch, precise temperature control with separate controls for each platen, and a two position ram. Great for molding, laminating, testing, and more.


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