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Dake Industrial Bandsaws

Dake Industrial Bandsaws

Dake Manual Cold Saws

Dake Manual Cold Saws

Dake Belt Grinder


  • Pivots up and down on the base for easy ergonomic work height adjustments.

  • Advanced belt tracking with vented front wheel fixed in place for rigidity when grinding on the wheel radius.

  • Hinged top cover opens for access to grind large pieces using the entire length of the belt.

  • Adjustable parts rest and backing plate with Plexiglass shield to keep the part being ground steady and in place



  • Base

  • Hinged Cover

  • Grinding Belt

  • Plexiglas Guarding

  • 60 Grit Belt

Model G-75

With 6,600 fpm grinding speed and a 4 HP motor, our belt grinder is designed for maximum metalworking efficiency. The head pivots up and down for easy work height adjustments to adapt to the job at hand. A hinged top cover opens for access to grind large pieces of metal.

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