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Dake Compound Leverage Arbor Presses 15-ton

Dake Compound Leverage Arbor Presses 15-ton

Dake Air Arbor Presses 2000

Dake Air Arbor Presses 2000

Dake Air Arbor Presses 1000


  • Non-rotating double acting ram eliminates guide pins on most tooling

  • Threaded rod end permits nose piece and tooling to be easily attached and detached

  • Dual-palm push buttons must be engaged before the ram will move and cannot be mechanically by-passed

  • Air filter/regulator combination assembly ensures clean and continuous air flow to press

  • Chrome-plated piston rod resists rust and ensures long life

  • Easily adjusted ram speed, pressure, and stroke allow accurate control of ram movement

  • Polyurethane rod wiper protects cylinders from dust and contaminants

  • Daylight can be increased with ease



  • Cast Iron Frame

  • Air Cylinder

  • Double-acting Ram

  • Chrome-plated Piston Rods

  • Air Filter/Regulator Combination

Model 1-210

Offering 1,000 lbs of pressing capacity this air arbor press comes complete with a cast iron frame and quality air cylinder.


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