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Dake Air Operated Presses 75 ton

Dake Air Operated Presses 75 ton

Dake Elec-Draulic II Presses 50 ton

Dake Elec-Draulic II Presses 50 ton

Dake Elec-Draulic II Presses 25 ton


  • Electric operation provides smooth, consistent pressing action.

  • Variable ram speed allows fingertip control of ram movement for precise pressure control.

  • H-frame mounted control allows convenient control of press when workhead is out of operator's reach.

  • Adjustable table permits easy vertical movement by means of self-locking hoist.

  • Double-acting cylinder permits pulling as well as pressing ram action.

  • Safety valve protects against overloads.

  • T-ring seals prevent pressure loss.

  • Optional bolt flange for tooling attachment may be substituted for flat ram nose.



  • Frame

  • 2 Steel V-Blocks

  • Flat Ram Nose

  • Pump

  • Safety Relief Valve

  • Self-locking Table Hoist

  • Double Acting Workhead

  • 2 Steel Table Plates

  • Pressure Gauge

Model 8-025

The 25 ton electric-hydraulic II dual acting press has an adjustable table, 15 IPM pressing speed and a double-acting cylinder. This series is great for super-sensitive ram control with simple operation.


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